Re-engineering Embedded Engineering

Welcome to our embedded technology blog where we will share with you the latest industry trends, challenges and even our own lessons learned. We hope to re-engineer the way you think about and design embedded systems as we discuss embedded technologies, human-machine interfaces, machine and product architectures, IoT readiness, and much more. Dive in, we'll help you navigate these turbulent waters.

How to Scope Your First HMI Project

Published on 5/23/18 9:55 AM

Many embedded systems today use a human machine interface (HMI) to interact with the users and world around them. HMI’s are so common that a first time HMI developer often under estimates the total extent of what is necessary to successfully pull...

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The Siren’s Call of the Pseudo Platform

Published on 5/9/18 8:00 AM

Technology companies are in a hurry. In many development environments, product is needed ASAP or yesterday and engineers are scrambling to deliver as quickly as humanly possible. In order to help their clients meet these grueling demands and...

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The Anatomy of a Display Module: Software

Published on 4/4/18 10:07 AM

In our last post, we explored the hardware that makes up a display module using the SIM543 as an example. We quickly discovered that there is far more to display module than a LCD and a touch screen.   In today’s post, we are going to dig into...

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The Anatomy of a Display Module: Hardware

Published on 3/28/18 8:00 AM

Welcome to the inaugural Serious Integrated blog! Our hope is that these blogs will help reframe the way you think about developing embedded systems and lead you to develop more polished, efficient and modern embedded systems from user friendly

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